Six memos for the next millennium

Book jacket & memorial design

Year: 2014

Six memos for the next millennium is one of Calvino's best sellers. Each of the six chapters evokes a virtue that Calvino would like humanity to take with it into the next millennium. The virtues are: lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, and multiplicity (unfortunately, Calvino died before finishing the sixth chapter).

The first part of the project, the book jacket, invites the user to peel off the pre-cut pieces of type from the book and reveal parts of the cover image underneath the book jacket. That the reader participates in revealing the image is a metaphor for the reader’s role in achieving the “revelations” Calvino wanted the readers to take from the book.

The second part of this project was a three-dimensional, interactive memorial piece that paid tribute to Italo Calvino and his book. The building has one floor for each chapter and since the author dies before writing the last chapter, there is a projection of one of his famous quotes on the ceiling : “The classics are the books of which we usually hear people say: “I am rereading…” and never “I am reading….”



  • Marfa | Perso-Arabic/Latin multi-script typeface

  • Facsimile of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings | Interactive installation

  • Typoimage I | Anamorphic 3D-printed type

  • Möbios table leg | Parametric 3d modeling

  • Animation on web | Lecture & workshop demo

  • Living chandelier | Indoor hydroponic garden

  • Print design | A collection of various printed matter, books and brochures

  • UT RESISTS | Site-specific art

  • Eye tracking in physical space | Video editing

  • Mehraz | Perso-Arabic Typeface

  • 50 iterations of Michael Bierut's poster | Custom type design

  • Posters | A collection of posters designed for various events & clients

  • Six memos for the next millennium | Book jacket & memorial design

  • Norooz postcards | 3 dimensional origami postcards

  • Branding | Visual identity design

  • Sirang arcade center | Interior design/3D modeling/Branding and Layout