Perso-Arabic typeface

Year: 2012—2014
Supervisor: Damoon Khanjanzadeh
Achievements: 3rd Silver Cypress Biennial, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2013 | “Alef” Exhibition, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2013

Mehraz is a high-contrast Perso-Arabic display typeface with calligraphic letterforms. The contrast flow of Mehraz is drawn by Naskh and Sols calligraphic scripts but it has been refreshed by simplifying the curvature to acheive a more contemporary feeling.

The lack of calligraphic display typefaces for Arabic writing system makes Mehraz one of the few in it's own kind. Mehraz is optimized for headlines and short paragraphs.

Intenational Perso-Arabic type design competition

Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, 2013

  • Marfa | Perso-Arabic/Latin multi-script typeface

  • Facsimile of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings | Interactive installation

  • Typoimage I | Anamorphic 3D-printed type

  • Möbios table leg | Parametric 3d modeling

  • Animation on web | Lecture & workshop demo

  • Living chandelier | Indoor hydroponic garden

  • Print design | A collection of various printed matter, books and brochures

  • UT RESISTS | Site-specific art

  • Eye tracking in physical space | Video editing

  • Mehraz | Perso-Arabic Typeface

  • 50 iterations of Michael Bierut's poster | Custom type design

  • Posters | A collection of posters designed for various events & clients

  • Six memos for the next millennium | Book jacket & memorial design

  • Norooz postcards | 3 dimensional origami postcards

  • Branding | Visual identity design

  • Sirang arcade center | Interior design/3D modeling/Branding and Layout