Eye tracking in physical space

Video editing

Year: 2016

This project was an experiment to illustrate the fabric of glances in a physical space. The glances of people are illustrated by 3 different line types: Red dash line for a quick look, White line for a glance with more attention and a Black thicker stroke for a strong gaze at the objects or people.

The goal of this experiment was to understand the influence that our surrounding physical, artificially designed, space has on human behaviour.

This project has been done in "Architecture Beyond Experience" seminar by Professor Michael Benedikt & the film was taken at the opening of Peripherals exhibition at the Visual Art Center, UT Austin.


The location of camera and the volume of space visible from that point

Thesis project by Jesse Cline

Visual Art Center, Austin, TX

  • Marfa | Perso-Arabic/Latin multi-script typeface

  • Facsimile of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings | Interactive installation

  • Typoimage I | Anamorphic 3D-printed type

  • Möbios table leg | Parametric 3d modeling

  • Animation on web | Lecture & workshop demo

  • Living chandelier | Indoor hydroponic garden

  • Print design | A collection of various printed matter, books and brochures

  • UT RESISTS | Site-specific art

  • Eye tracking in physical space | Video editing

  • Mehraz | Perso-Arabic Typeface

  • 50 iterations of Michael Bierut's poster | Custom type design

  • Posters | A collection of posters designed for various events & clients

  • Six memos for the next millennium | Book jacket & memorial design

  • Norooz postcards | 3 dimensional origami postcards

  • Branding | Visual identity design

  • Sirang arcade center | Interior design/3D modeling/Branding and Layout