50 iterations of Michael Bierut's poster

Custom type design

Year: 2015

During my advanced typography class at Boston University we were challenged to choose a famous graphic design work and create one new iteration of that piece everyday for 50 days! I picked Michael Bierut's 2014 Yale Arch poster and eventually designed a custom typeface instead of 50 posters!

I started by manipulating the elements of the original poster and designing new compositions but throughout the process I decided to construct a new custom typeface that I used in a series of posters telling the story of my journey in the project.

Designed by Michael Bierut

Analyzing the type stucture

First poster series: reversing the contrast flow of original type by Michael Bierut

Custom typeface designed following the contrast flow in Michael Bierut's poster


Another series of posters designed to feature the new type and tell the story of the project!

  • Marfa | Perso-Arabic/Latin multi-script typeface

  • Facsimile of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings | Interactive installation

  • Typoimage I | Anamorphic 3D-printed type

  • Möbios table leg | Parametric 3d modeling

  • Animation on web | Lecture & workshop demo

  • Living chandelier | Indoor hydroponic garden

  • Print design | A collection of various printed matter, books and brochures

  • UT RESISTS | Site-specific art

  • Eye tracking in physical space | Video editing

  • Mehraz | Perso-Arabic Typeface

  • 50 iterations of Michael Bierut's poster | Custom type design

  • Posters | A collection of posters designed for various events & clients

  • Six memos for the next millennium | Book jacket & memorial design

  • Norooz postcards | 3 dimensional origami postcards

  • Branding | Visual identity design

  • Sirang arcade center | Interior design/3D modeling/Branding and Layout